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Maternity Photo Session

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting moments and experiences for a family. Studio Express is here to help spread the good news and create memorable photographs of your pregnancy.

Our photographers will help pose and guide you through the process. Of course, we have no sitting fees so there is no extra charge for bringing other family members along with you.

Maternity Portrait Tips & Ideas
  • Share your good news with personalized cards and gifts.
  • Use props to express your personality.
  • Bring an ultrasound photo, baby clothes, or baby shoes to use in your portraits. 
  • Get creative and express yourself and your family in unique ways!
  • Check out our galleries here!
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If you are expecting a special someone, let our professional photographers capture this special moment for you in unique and creative ways that will be yours to remember for a lifetime.

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Our skilled photographers use professional digital cameras, which allow them to move around and capture every expression.


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